Sunbright has been looking after this customer for many years and ensures that all of their lighting is of the very best quality, to display the goods to the best possible standard. Included in our lighting responsibility are the liquor displays, offices, warehouse, outside flood lights, display and chiller lighting and of course the ceiling lights.

We have recently re-lamped the entire ceiling with our ‘Daylight’ colour fluorescent lamps. The previous Sunbright lamps had done more than 34,000 hours (approximately 6 years) and were just starting to show signs of fading, although only 4 had failed during that time. This is a great long term demonstration of the quality of our lamps and the consistent colour output they give over the life of the lamp.

The owner of the supermarket of course is very happy with the cost of replacing the lamps as they have given nearly 70% of the expected life of an LED equivalent, at a cost of less the one third of LED’s. Also to replace the fluorescents with LED’s would require each light fitting to be modified or replaced.

LED’s are great lights but often it is cheaper to replace fluorescents with fluorescents.

New World in Remuera is a wonderful supermarket, stocking many items not found in most standard supermarkets. Sunbright is proud to be responsible for their lighting.