Sunbright UHO Fluorescent Lamps (2ft/600mm and over) are guaranteed for two years from the date of installation, when they have been installed with new starters supplied by us and in definable locations, except in the event of *Lampholder or Control Gear failure.

When fitted with ‘Electronic’ Starters this guarantee is extended to three years. All other Fluorescent Lamps are guaranteed for one year with the same conditions as above.
Sunbright LED products have a 3-5 year warranty depending on Manufacturer.

Sunbright Lamp Distributors.
April 2014

*Lampholder and Control Gear includes but is not limited to: Ballasts, Capacitors, Fuses, Fuse Blocks, Wiring, Lamp Connectors (Tombstones) and deterioration of plastic fittings due to heat and age.