Our Sunbright Ultra High Output lamps are manufactured in Europe and are a ‘Multi-Phosphor’ lamp, with additional coatings, compared to the usual Asian or Malaysian made Fluorescent lamps generally available in the New Zealand market. The Multi-Phosphor coating provides full spectrum colour enhancement and will not deteriorate over the life of the lamp. We have tested the amount of light loss with our products. In one instance a test carried out after 14,000 hours, showed only a 4% decrease in light output. A minimal figure, compared to the generally accepted 19-22% loss experienced over the life of the lamp with some other brands. Sunbright’s colour output remains consistent over the life of the lamp.

We have fluorescent lights still operating perfectly after over 34,000 hours. Obviously, this customer is ecstatic with the life of the lamps and the savings being made, because they are not replacing common brand lamps every 10-12,000 hours.

Sunbright specialises in providing lamps for specific needs. Our most popular light colour is referred to as ‘Cool White’ a light we find enhances the colour for stock in retail and gives crisp and clear definition to printed material in the office. We have products suitable for Meat Displays in Supermarkets and Delicatessens. Lamps that enhance the look of Bakery goods and even the old favourite colour, ‘Warm White’ which some people prefer in an office environment.