Exceeds my Expectations

What can I say! Thank you so much for transforming Brookfield New World. The place looks amazing and the customers and staff feedback is so positive. I always knew a lighting upgrade would improve the store, but this exceeds my expectations – I’m blown away! Please feel free to use me and my store as a reference for other supermarkets considering your lights.
Brookfield New World
Brendon Good, Owner/Operator. July 2008

23,000 hours and not replaced one lamp

Further to our previous reports, I confirm these lamps have been in use since December 1994 and have now completed in excess of 23,000 hours and as yet we have not replaced one burnt out lamp. At 14,000 hours the lamps had lost only 4% of the original light output.
Shell, Massey North
Mike Adeane. Manager. July 1997.

Delighted with the results

I want to thank you for replacing the tubes in the lights in my office. Prior to your coming to our office I had experienced severe headaches for several months. Since installing the lights in my office, I have not had one headache and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I would be happy to discuss the obvious benefits of Sunbright Lights.
Mike Morris Ltd. Fire and General insurance Broker
Michael Morris. Nov 1999.

Fine Products

I am writing to congratulate your company on its fine products. We recently had the No 1 Supreme Court and Office Administration Centre fitted out with Sunbright lamps. They have made a remarkable increase in the light level. An overseas visitor made the observation the other day that we now have Tongan sunshine inside and outside our Court. I have observed that our staff are much happier in their work. They no longer have to endure the strain they have worked under for years trying to read and translate documents in less than adequate lighting. As the word gets around, I am confident that you can expect to receive further orders for your Sunbright lamps from other businesses in the Kingdom.
Supreme Court – Tonga
Anthony Ford Chief Justice. Sept 2007.

Attention to detail & Quick Responses

It is my pleasure to endorse the work of Sunbright lamp Distributors on behalf of Auckland Grammar School. The schools relationship with the firm is very positive. The staff and students benefit from Sunbright’s proactive approach and we have been delighted with the resulting improvement in both light quality and efficiency. Sunbright work closely with and provide ongoing advice and assistance to the School’s property Manager and Caretaker, who both appreciate the expertise and practical solutions offered to lighting issues. No matter is too large or too small. Attention to detail and quick responses are the key features of the service the School receives. I can highly recommend Sunbright Lamp Distributors.
Auckland Grammar School
Ms Vicki Barrie, Director of Business and Development.

Vast Improvement

Thank you for the recent service you provided upgrading the light fittings in the Services Apartment block of the Hibiscus Coast Village The lamps themselves are a vast improvement upon what we had previously, shedding much more light and offering a brighter, daylight type light, something the Residents are very grateful for. I am aware the lamps have a ‘no questions’ guarantee for a period of two years, a relief for busy operators like ourselves.
Hibiscus Coast village
Peter Gasston. Village Manager. Oct 2009