Sunbright Lamp Distributors was founded in 1992 with the aim of providing a close to ‘natural sunlight’, lighting solution to our customers. We are fluorescent and LED lighting specialists and our aim is to make things look crisp, sparkling and vibrant, while also providing energy savings.

Sunbright was founded on the concept of using only the best lighting available and these products are supplied through a network of franchise holders or contractors. We guarantee our products will reach their expected life and give our customers their expected outcome as our Testimonials prove.

Now, under new management, the ‘Sunbright’ philosophy has not changed but the range of products available has increased dramatically.

Sunbright imports our own brand of Fluorescent lamps from Europe. These are top quality and outperform most other brands in the New Zealand market, both in light quality and lamp life. We have been very selective in the LED products we recommend.

We guarantee they will last considerably longer and be the best for the customer’s particular needs. Sunbright Lamp Distributors will only supply products that have been issued a New Zealand Compliance Certificate and where necessary we use the services of qualified electricians who can provide Code of Compliance Certificates.

Very early on, Sunbright realised the value of bringing our lights directly to our customers. Our country wide team of Franchise holders always carry a wide selection of lamps in their vehicles, so they can replace almost any common style lamp, with our ‘Sunbright’ products, on the spot.

  • Our style of operation is a little different to other lighting suppliers,
  • We don’t charge a ‘Call Out’ fee.
  • We don’t charge for Travel.
  • We don’t charge for Labour.*
  • We do give a 2-5 Year Warranty.
*We only charge for labour if a light fitting needs repair, a new fitting is installed or an Electrician is required.

Apart from improving the light in an area, fitting Sunbright lamps has reduced the instances of eye strain and headaches, especially where prolonged computer use is common. See our Testimonials section for details.